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Beyond the Sparkle: Different Types of Gemstones and Their Meanings

Beyond the Sparkle: Different Types of Gemstones and Their Meanings

Beyond the Sparkle: Different Types of Gemstones and Their Meanings

Each crystal and gemstone has a special energy they emit. Learn about gemstone meanings and which ones would make the perfect gift for your loved one. 

Beyond the Sparkle: Different Types of Gemstones and Their Meanings


Victoria Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice and wife to soccer superstar David Beckham, is now a major player in the fashion world. Just last week she presented her latest collection at a show during the famous New York Fashion Week to kudos from serious fashion critics, while her in-store brand continues to be popular among the masses. Beckham has moved beyond the sometimes silly Spice Girls to become a serious fashion trendsetter. To what does she credit her success? Crystals.


A fan of pink quartz, tourmaline and other types of crystals, Victoria Beckham was introduced to their healing and spiritual power when she moved from Great Britain to the United States. She told one interviewer, “I collect crystals and place them around my home and office to create positive energy.” With an estimated net worth of more than $300 million, the Beckhams’ success can be credited to more than the crystals, but the family believes the positive energy each stone emits has contributed to their accomplishments.


The Beckhams are not alone in finding healing, meaning and importance in crystals, stones and gemstones. Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Native Americans and other civilizations have found healing and benefits through the presence of these crystals and gemstones. These gems are not meant to be used as prescriptions for health care, but rather are spiritual and therapeutic supports to a health regime.


Crystal, which comes from the Greek words for ice and rock, is a solid made up of atoms that are situated in a repeating pattern (thus creating their geometric shapes). Salt is a common example of crystal. A gemstone is a type of crystal mineral that is typically divided into the categories of precious and semi-precious. Semi-precious gemstones include turquoise, quartz, amethyst and hematite, while precious gemstones include diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Gemstones are often cut, polished and faceted to create jewelry, allowing the wearer to be near to the energy of the stone.


Even if you don’t yet believe in the magical properties of stones, take a look at these gems and their meanings.


Birthday Gemstone Meanings

Perhaps the most common question about our Fronay jewelry collection is, “What gemstone should I buy as a birthday gift?” Gift givers come to us to mark the birth of a new baby, a milestone birthday or even a gift to themselves. We have a large collection of jewelry for children, adolescents and adults – gemstone gifts are perfect for any age group. Oftentimes our customers want to know about the meaning behind these gemstones and the benefits they may bring to the wearer. 

Of course, most customers wish they were born in April so that they could claim the diamond as their birthstone. However, some gem enthusiasts believe that wearing or carrying a stone throughout its specific month will help enhance its benefits, even if it’s not the person’s birth month. So no matter when you were born, there is always room in your jewelry box for these beautiful and powerful jewels.

Here is a look at the traditional gemstones by birth month (according to the American Gem Society). Each month is represented by different types of gemstones and their meanings:



Type of Gemstone

Gemstone Meanings or Benefits


Garnet Stone January Birthstone 


The garnet presents friendship and trust. The name garnet comes from the word for seed, probably because of the likeness to the pomegranate seed.

These handmade designer chandelier style earrings from Fronay contain stunning garnet.



 February Birthstone Amethyst Stone




This purple stone has denoted royalty in cultures throughout history and is believed to aid the owner in staying sharp and astute. Amethyst healing properties include relief from headaches, insomnia and worry or fear. It has also been called a sobriety stone, and is given to those who fight addiction or have other destructive behaviors. In fact, the word amethyst comes from the Greek phrase meaning not intoxicated and was believed to protect people from drunkenness. Some in Ancient Greece even made cups out of amethyst with the belief they would not become intoxicated.

Other people are drawn to this beautiful stone because amethyst healing properties are believed to restore any holes in one’s aura, the energy or atmosphere that mystics believe surround every person. They believe that the aura helps a person ward off negative energy and also retain positive energy.

These amethyst earrings from the Fronay Collection are ideal for anyone who wants to feel regal or benefit from the amethyst’s healing properties.


March Birthstone Aquamarine


The cool blue color of aquamarine reminds one of the ocean, thus its name. Thanks to the calming color, it is believed to aid in staying cool under pressure. It is also believed to guard those making a voyage.


April Birthstone Diamond Stone


Lucky April birthdays! Their gemstone is diamond, which represents strength, fortitude and love. Because diamonds are among the hardest substances on Earth, the word comes from the Greek for invincible.


May Birthstone Emerald


Beautiful green emeralds symbolize rebirth and youth, just like sprouts of green that shoot up from the ground during May heralding growth and resurgence. It is popular among people of Irish descent because of its green hue. The emerald meaning is also said to help with heart issues, diabetes and nervous-system diseases.

For someone who likes a more natural look to jewelry, this earthy emerald slice necklace is a flawless gift.


June Birthstone Pearl

Pearl, Alexandrite

June birthdays have a choice between pearl and alexandrite. Pearls are the only gemstones to come from living organisms, although many now come from commercial culturing instead of natural saltwater oysters. Thanks to their white color, pearls symbolize innocence and purity. Here is a link to the pearl jewelry offered at Fronay.

Alexandrite is very rare and can actually change color from green to red in different lighting. Alexandrite is believed to bring good luck and love to the wearer.


July Birthstone Ruby


Because of their deep red color, precious rubies signify love and affection. Rubies have been a favorite stone of kings and queens throughout the ages, so they have also come to symbolize royalty. Fronay offers ruby earrings and necklaces.


August Birthstone Peridot


This semi-precious mineral varies in color from yellowish green to brown, but are most often worn in a bright green. Peridot jewelry symbolizes beauty and morality and is believed to protect the wearer from illness and negativity.


September Birthstone Sapphire






Great Britain’s Princess Diana made the sapphire famous by wearing an engagement ring from Prince Charles that consisted of a blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds.  Prince William gave Catherine Middleton, the future Duchess of Cambridge, the same ring when they were engaged in 2010.

Why might Princess Diana have chosen a sapphire? What is sapphire’s meaning? Sapphire’s deep blue color has led many to believe the September birthstone represents heaven or heavenly blessings. Sapphires also come in pink, green and other colors, although blue is the most popular.

Here is a pair of sapphire earrings in the style of the royal engagement ring. For all of the sapphire meaning, it’s the perfect gift no matter the month.


 October Birthstone Opal

Tourmaline, Opal

Tourmaline is a popular stone because it comes in a variety of colors. One, known as watermelon tourmaline, consists of rings of pink, white and green.

The opal gets its name from the Greek word meaning to see a change, a nod to the changing colors of this semitransparent gemstone. Because of its changing nature, opals have signified creativity and spontaneity.


November Birthstone Topaz Citrine

Topaz, Citrine

Both November stones often come in an orange hue, the same associated with pumpkins and Thanksgiving decorations ubiquitous in this month.

Topaz is mentioned in the Bible and is regarded as a gemstone that will protect and energize its wearer. Citrine is a version of quartz that is often called the success stone or the merchant’s stone because it is believed to bring prosperity and success in business. Click here to view Fronay’s November birthday gifts.


December Birthstone Turquoise Stone

Tanzanite, Zircon, Turquoise

According to the American Gem Society, those with December birthdays are lucky enough to have three stones from which to choose. Tanzanite is similar in color to sapphire and is named after the country in which it is found, Tanzania.

Zircon ranges in color, and is believed to be a natural pain reliever and sleep enhancer. Turquoise is among the oldest known gem stones that symbolizes power and immortality.


Birthday gem stone jewelry is popular as baby and christening gifts, as well as milestone birthdays like ages 10, 16 and 18. Fronay’s kids’ jewelry collection, called BecKids Jewelry Collection, has plenty of options for birthstones. The newly added turquoise enamel flower earrings would be perfect for a December baby or the mother of pearl flower earrings are a favorite gift for June birthdays. Shop the entire Fronay collection for the perfect adult or children’s gift.


Other Gemstone and Crystal Meanings

With the growing popularity of holistic healing in addition to traditional treatments, our crystal and gemstone jewelry has reached a new audience. Beyond the birthday gemstones, there are many other crystals and gemstones used for special purposes, like healing, illness relief and protection. Crystals contain a natural energy that is believed to help with mental, physical and emotional health.


Amber Meaning

Amber is perhaps best remembered in popular culture as the stone that housed a mosquito that carried dinosaur DNA in the move “Jurassic Park.” In fact, this is so prevalent that the Gemological Institute of America has a question in the FAQ section of its website asking “Could a dinosaur be cloned from a mosquito found in amber?” The answer? “Most biologists agree the Jurassic Park scenario isn’t possible, as any blood an insect was carrying would deteriorate rapidly and be contaminated with its own DNA. However, scientists have extracted DNA from insects in 120 million-year-old amber.”

Regardless of the Jurassic reference, this fossilized resin of ancient trees is not technically a gemstone but is very popular as a teething necklace for infants and toddlers. It is believed that amber boosts the immune system, relieves pain and reduces the inflammation associated with teething. This trend is popular with celebrity and non-celebrity moms alike.


Chalcedony Meaning

Chalcedony is a form of quartz that often appears as greenish blue. This healing crystal jewelry, like the Fronay Jewelry Collection’s chalcedony necklace, gives its wearer calm and thoughtfulness. It’s sometimes referred to as the speaker’s stone because the Roman philosopher and orator Cicero purportedly wore this stone around his neck. Not sure you want to mimic a Roman philosopher? According to one biographer, “the influence of Cicero upon the history of European literature and ideas greatly exceeds that of any other prose writer in any language.” So if you must speak publically, act as a go-between in your family or often speak before you think, consider wearing chalcedony to help improve and nurture your communications skills. Because of these gemstone properties, chalcedony would offer assistance to any student in your life headed off to high school or college. Oral reports are no match for chalcedony.


Cubic Zirconia Meaning

Cubic Zirconia often gets an unfair treatment because people view it as an imitation diamond. It is a synthetically produced gemstone that is thought to benefit self-confidence and spiritualty. The Cubic Zirconia by Fronay collection shows just how elegant and versatile this stone can be.



Labradorite Meaning

This unique mineral stone comes mostly from Canada and Norway, although it has been found in other places as well. It is an inimitable greenish-gray stone with flashes of iridescent yellow, blue and white. It even appears pearl-like in some cases. Perhaps because of its seemingly supernatural changing colors, labradorite can be used to help interpret dreams and build up intuition. It is seen as a protective stone, guarding its owner against attacks of evil spirits. If you have a friend or family member who believes in life on other planets, labradorite would make the perfect gift, as it is also believed to protect from alien intrusion.

Check out how labradorite can be used to make fashionable jewelry here!


Mother of Pearl Meaning

This beautiful jewel comes from the lining of the oyster shell, thus the name. It protects the pearl as it grows. Because of its origins, this is a popular jewelry gift for mothers and children. Pearls have a purported reputation to heighten the wearer’s intuition. Others claim it helps with high blood pressure and dizziness. 

This rhodium plated mother of pearl bracelet with a delicate rosette is the perfect way to introduce mother of pearl into any wardrobe.

Rubellite Meaning

Rubellite is the name for pinkish or red tourmaline. Rubellite is said to restore balance and bring calm, and also helps with issues of the immune and reproductive systems.

Know someone who should add rubellite to their life? These natural rubellite drop earrings are delicate but powerful.

Smoky Quartz Meaning

Unlike the more popular stones, not many people know the smoky quartz meaning. Give this to your coworker or messy roommate, since smoky quartz is said to build up organizational skills and ability to complete tasks.

The Fronay Collection offers various pieces with smoky quartz, like this fashion forward necklace with a smoky quartz pendant.


Healing Crystal Jewelry

All of these precious stones and healing crystal jewelry are beautiful and beneficial, but they are not cures in and of themselves. They offer benefits and assistance to make healing or self-improvement easier.


We’ve had customers tell us they’ve always been drawn to a particular stone, and when they find out about the gemstone properties and meaning, the magnetism makes sense. For example, a customer whose father struggled with addiction was always drawn to the amethyst. Another who gave motivational talks for a living always found herself picking up chalcedony.


Conversely, when a significant other is looking for the perfect gift, learning about the meaning and energy behind each gemstone will help him or her add layers of important meaning to a present, turning a stone from an ornament to a true, thoughtful gift.


Even if you don’t put stock in the magical properties of stones, they are undoubtedly beautiful gifts for others or for yourself. One client knew nothing about the emerald meaning, but knew his daughter’s favorite color is green. When he found out he would be giving her the May gemstone at her graduation ceremony in May, it showed that historical and traditional meaning only adds to the thoughtfulness.


At Fronay, we have six generations of family knowledge and tradition in designing and manufacturing fashion forward, elegant jewelry for any occasion. Fronay has contacts with craftsmen, factories and designers across the globe, ensuring the highest quality silver and gold jewelry. Because of our buying power, we are able to offer affordable and competitive prices. All of our jewelry is guaranteed for up to 30 days, and can be returned for any reason, no questions asked. We offer free shipping on all orders within the United States.


Now that you’ve learned about different types of gemstones and their meanings, shop the Fronay Jewelry Collection online today to find the perfect gift for a loved one – or for yourself.


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