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Silver Jewelry Collection

Silver Jewelry Collection

Find Out Why Sterling Silver Jewelry Designs Are the Best Pieces to Own

Since the dawn of civilization, men and women have been captivated by silver's spell and splendor. But what makes silver the best fine metal for jewelry?

Compared to its other fine metal siblings (Gold & Platinum), silver is less costly to refine once extracted from the earth. However, unlike other cheaper metals, silver has an element of beauty as significant, if not more so, than other fine metals such as gold and platinum. The beauty of silver is undeniable and its look and feel are as prestigious as all the other fine metals. What this gives us is an element perfect for creating designs that are both prestigious and fashionable. Additionally, silver has the durability and malleability that designers dream of, making it particularly perfect for experimenting with fashion forward jewelry designs.

Taken together, silver, in its finest crafting form which is 92.5 parts silver and 7.5 parts alloy, makes the perfect fine metal for creating designs that are adventurous, modern, sleek, sentimental and luxurious without breaking the bank.

Best of all, unlike brass or copper, your silver jewelry will always maintain its value in pure silver even if a design should temporarily go out of style. This means you get to keep your silver jewelry collection for a lifetime, and watch the next generations marvel at fashion from the past!

Some things you should know before starting to build your sterling silver collection:

1) When shopping for silver jewelry, look for the 925 stamp of quality. This mark shows the precious metal content of the piece. According to federal laws, this mark must be accompanied by the maker’s mark or the designer’s trademark.

2) Keep your silver in a cool, dry place. Sterling silver, like other precious metals, can oxidize with time. It is a good idea to store silver in a tarnish-proof cloth or in drawers lined with tarnish-resistant strips. The best way to prevent tarnish is to actually wear your sterling jewelry or use your silver items often. However, don't wear sterling silver in chlorinated water or when working with household cleaners such as bleach or ammonia. Treat your silver well and it will actually develop a lush patina and will reward you with a lustrous look.

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