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What makes Jewelry Sentimental?

Jewelry has been around for thousands of years. As such, you can just imagine the thousands upon thousands of different styles and designs you can encounter at a jewelry store. Even if your intention entering a store is to find a gift that stands out and carries special sentimental value for yourself or the person you are gifting it to, you will find there are near endless gorgeous pieces available to you. This doesn’t even account for pieces you may want to have custom designed!

 Delicate jewelry are those designs that are simple, minimal, dainty and often made with small single stones. Depending on the particular jewelry design, delicate jewelry may not even have any stones. These pieces are meant to be more conservative, avoiding the flash and instead striving for pure and pristine substance.

Delicate sentimental jewelry includes pieces such as stackable knuckle rings, thin chain necklaces, solitaire rings, simple thin earrings and single chain bracelets. Even some wire bracelets or post earrings can be dainty enough to fall into this category.

 What makes these designs special is that their sentimental value is an interaction between the perspectives of the designer, buyer and final wearer of the piece. From the designing to the purchasing/selecting to the passing from one person to another or from one generation to the next, each of those moments creates a new sentimental value to the piece that has been integral to jewelry for thousands of years. These pieces are meant to be worn most of the time, as they are usually given as a gift and have sentimental meaning to them. They are plain enough to go with just about any other piece of jewelry or outfit. Even those that are bold and daring.

 You will find that delicate jewelry is the perfect gift to give. These designs are casual enough to be worn with just about anything and for practically any occasion, guaranteeing that they will become regular staples of your daily outfit. Their simple beauty and sentimental value will ensure they won’t be just another piece in the jewelry box!

 Simple Love Necklace


One of our favorite sentimental jewelry pieces is our Virgen de Guadalupe Medallion Necklace. This religious medallion necklace is sentimental to millions, partly because of what our lady of guadalupe signifies and also because this medallion necklace is in commemoration of the 75 years our Frank Ronay was commissioned to make the crown for the Virgen de Guadalupe in Mexico.  See this history for more information!

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