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A History in Lucky Jewelry Design

A History in Lucky Jewelry Design

Ch. 1   Cornicello (“little horn”)


One of the historic purposes for jewelry dealt with religion and spiritualism, connecting with natural materials from the earn and symbolizing the divine. Spiritual jewelry has taken off in recent years, with artists and designers creating various renditions of historic amulets. One such amulet that is very popular and is a staple of the Frank Ronayis the Cornicello.


            Known as the “little horn” or “corno”, this charm is an Italian amulet or talisman worn to protect against the evil eye and bad luck in general, and was also believed to promote fertility and virility.


            Nowadays, the designers are vast ranging, and celebrities like Miley Cyrusand Alessandra Ambrosio have been spotted on the beaches in Malibu and throughout Los Angeles in all kinds of attires, like when she’s going for a street look to workout attire.


            At Frank Ronay, we’ve designed delicate horn pendants, from our luscious red and white enamel and heart necklaceto our more basic and minimalistic golden horn necklace. Our jewelry designs are always moving forward with the speed of high fashion, so each time you visit our store, you may find a different variation of the lucky horn!

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