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The different Kinds of Plating in Sterling Silver Jewelry

The Use of Plating Metals in Fronay Designs
For almost 200 Years, the Fronay Collection has specialized in transforming precious metals into unique works of art for people to adorn themselves with. A key component of that transformative approach has been the proper utilization of plating metals, to create unique, elegant and fashion forward designs. As one of the first companies to engage with the fashion forward approach to silver jewelry, we have perfected the use of Rhodium, Gold Plating and Rose Gold Plating to create a wide variety of colors and designs. 

Rhodium Plating
Rhodium is a rare, silver-white hard metal in the platinum family on the periodic table. It’s highly reflective and holds the distinction of being one of the most expensive precious metals in the world.

At Fronay, we typically decide to plate our sterling silver designs with Rhodium to increase shine, luster and durability. Rhodium plating will also make the metal more scratch resistant and less prone to tarnishing. As an inert or noble metal — meaning it’s resistant to corrosion and oxidation in moist air — rhodium also increases the durability of any jewelry it plates.

***One of the biggest upsides to rhodium plating is it’s nickel free, making it hypoallergenic***

Gold Plating

Gold plating refers to Karat gold dipping of the base Jewelry, and in the case of Fronay, Sterling Silver. Considered a precious metal because of the .925 sterling silver underneath. Our gold plating is extra durable due to our high Micron plating, however, it can (doesn't mean it will) tarnish and reveal the sterling silver underneath. If that happens a simple dipping of fresh Gold will restore its original beauty. Be sure to check out our Gold Plated designs for a fresh take on fine Jewelry!

Rose Gold Plating

Rose gold is a striking metal alloy of gold mixed with copper to create a delightful rosy red tint in the finished material. Rose, red or pink gold jewelry and watches are currently right on trend, originally rose gold became fashionable around the turn of the 19th century, particularly in Russia. Since then, rose gold has been used as a stylish and elegant alternative to yellow and white gold.



The Fronay Guarantee

Treat your jewelry right and it will last a lifetime. However, we know that daily use can erode the color plating, so if you ever have an issue, we will always be there to help re-plate the piece. Just reach out to us at and we can provide the service information. 

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