Frank Ronay

History of Our Medallion

In order to commemorate the 1895 and 1945 coronations of the Virgin of Guadalupe as Queen of the Americas, the renowned jeweler Frank Ronay, grandson and namesake of the designer and manufacturer of the original 1945 crown and honoring more than 100 years of family tradition in the jewelry business, has taken the initiative to create a medal as a reminder of the aforementioned dates.

With great dedication, Frank Ronay has designed a cameo made of natural agate, reproducing the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe surrounded by a halo of flowers. The result of these creative efforts is a beautiful 18-karat gold-plated 925 silver necklace that, when exposed to direct light, reflects the coronation of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

This piece is the result of five generations of the Ronay family in the art of jewelry and seeks to remind us and celebrate the historic moment of the coronation of the Virgin in 1945.



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