Frank Ronay

The New Crown

The new crown commissioned by the Mexican episcopate and clergy on behalf of the Catholic people of Mexico, offered to the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12, 1945, is a true work of art.

18 Mexican technicians, artists and workers participated in its preparation, under the direction of the diamond maker Frank Ronay. It took six months to elaborate this meritorious work that began on March 5, 1945. The crown was delivered on September 5 of that same year.

The Crown is in the Louis XV style and was made of silver gilded with 24k gold; the molding ribs are also fire-gilded; It has branches that come down between the gaps left by the finials, the roses are made of gold to offer contrast; at the center finials are placed between golden ornaments, the shields of the eight Mexican archdioceses, with the names of the suffragan dioceses, in colored enamel. On top of the cross there is a sphere that represents the world, measuring 57 centimeters; its diameter is 45 centimeters and its weight is 14.5 kilograms.

The finial corresponding to the Archdiocese of Mexico, in addition to its shield, has twelve rubies and a natural pendant pearl; the other finials of the Archdioceses, alternately, in addition to twelve rubies each one, a rosette of diamonds with a pearl in the center, which is also pendant. The eight fleurs-de-lis have 41 diamonds each, in addition to two rubies, two emeralds and a gemstone. The lower belt, four belts with very rich gemstones with the Mexican national colors, emeralds, pearls, diamonds and rubies in profusion. The top belt, 10 emeralds, 19 pearls and 10 diamonds, an emerald in the center, three more rosettes with 32 diamonds and a pearl in the center, three more rosettes with 32 diamonds and a pearl in the center each, and two more rosettes with 22 diamonds and sapphires in total.

The lower belt is adorned with 53 pearls, 10 rubies and 10 emeralds.

The richest and most beautiful thing is the emerald cross that matches the diamonds and gemstones. It has 56 diamonds of 5/10; four 3-carat emeralds and a 2.63-carat gemstone. The base of the cross bears a circle of jewels in which another 2.65-carat 12-ruby gemstone stands out; There is another belt at the base of the sphere with a French ring in platinum, with baguette cut diamonds weighing 5 carats, 18 pearls, 3 emeralds and 2 rubies.

The precious stones, and the metals that were used in the crown, were generously contributed by numerous ladies and gentlemen of the people of Mexico.

The crown is found at the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico, where millions of people make pilgrimage each year to pay their respects to the Virgin, who is recognized by the Vatican as the "Queen of the Americas" and venerated throughout the Catholic world.



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